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        <page value="20090306212453" timestamp="2009-03-06T21:24:53Z" ns="0" title="Admin" />
        <page value="20090915190758" timestamp="2009-09-15T19:07:58Z" ns="0" title="Case Template" />
        <page value="20091215181149" timestamp="2009-12-15T18:11:49Z" ns="0" title="Research for a Position Paper - Globalization" />
        <page value="20091215181402" timestamp="2009-12-15T18:14:02Z" ns="0" title="Freshman Research Paper - The Courtship Rituals of College Students" />
        <page value="20091215184145" timestamp="2009-12-15T18:41:45Z" ns="0" title="International Business - Launching the Wii" />
        <page value="20091218174640" timestamp="2009-12-18T17:46:40Z" ns="0" title="Annotated Bibliography" />
        <page value="20091218175705" timestamp="2009-12-18T17:57:05Z" ns="0" title="What is Case-Based Library Instruction?" />
        <page value="20101101152044" timestamp="2010-11-01T15:20:44Z" ns="0" title="Building a Company List - Trucking in Texas" />
        <page value="20101101152418" timestamp="2010-11-01T15:24:18Z" ns="0" title="Entrepreneurial Marketing - The Comic Book Guy" />
        <page value="20101101152605" timestamp="2010-11-01T15:26:05Z" ns="0" title="Global Trade and Economics - Manufacturing Medical Instruments" />