Market and Industry Research: Infographic Activity- Craft Beer

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Learning Outcomes:

As a result of this instruction, students should be able to:

  • Find market information as well as industry information
  • Understand the following concepts: Market Share, Market Size, Secondary and Primary Market Research
  • Find industry and market research reports in IBISWorld and Mintel
  • Present industry information in a visual manner


  • A market research database (Mintel)
  • An industry database (IBISworld)
  • Giant sticky notes or poster paper
  • Crayons and markers (We provide markers and tell the students to bring their art supplies)

Two optional pre-lectures and walk-throughs:

  • Introduction to Industry Analysis: [1]
  • Introduction to Market Research: [2]
  • Mintel Walk-through (Interactive Tutorial): [3]
  • IBISworld Walk-through (Interactive Tutorial): [4]